Esse Aromas was created for all to enjoy the wonderful and intoxicating fragrance of oudh. There are so many different interpretations and varieties of oudh on the market today. Indeed, oudh oil in its purest form is not only an acquired taste but very expensive and rare indeed.

Oud (or oudh) comes from the wood of the South-east Asian agar (aquilaria) tree. When the wood becomes infected with a particular type of mould, the tree reacts by producing a dark, scented resin, which is often called “liquid gold.”

We at Esse Aromas love oudh and equally love to bring you different ways to enjoy this beautiful fragrance. That’s why we like to ‘innovate tradition’

Enjoy a range of oudh inspired fragrances with the Esse Aromas new and innovative products!

All our products contain oudh and natural oils and are absolutely alcohol free for your peace of mind.




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Reed Diffusers

Our range of Reed Diffusers will fill any room with the captivating allure of oud based fragrances, be it our very popular Oud Jasmine Sorbet to our wonderfully mellow Oud & Black Pepper. Available in 100ml bottle sizes or in a 50ml as part of our scent selection Gift Boxes. With more fragrances to follow, we are sure that all will find their own
favourite scent.


Scented Candles

Our Scented candle ranges are a tribute to those fragrances that are created by burning wooden chips and creating a smoke filled fragrance. The only difference is that our candles are clean burning while continuing to deliver the wonderful aroma of popular oud fragrances. With a burn time of 50 hours, our candles use natural oils and offer excellent value.


Fragrance Cards

Hang our bright and wonderfully fragrant cards in the car, your wardrobe or even on your door handles! Our cards allow you to enjoy 6 wonderfully unique oud based fragrances on the move and will fill the immediate space with a delightful aroma that will linger on. Each card will last up to 4 weeks and offer an excellent value for money way to sample our product range.


Room Sprays

For those times when you require an intense burst of fragrance to fill a room or other space very quickly, our room sprays are ideal. Made in two of our most popular fragrances; Oud Jasmine Sorbet and Oud White Musk, we are sure that these products will never be too far from reach. We will continue to add to our collection of scents and would love to hear some feedback.



We all love to give and receive gifts. Why not choose one of our Scented Selection boxes? They make the perfect gift for a loved one or friend. Our selections also make a perfect introduction to three individual products without having to purchase a larger variant.